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Love Letters To You : : Miku's Journal
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15th-Feb-2010 02:38 am - Author Profile
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Name: Mikufwah or Miku is enough.
Age: Eighteen.
Gender: Female
Type of Writing: Generally I write tragic works where a lot of characters meet death. However I also walk down the path of romance with a bit of angst and perhaps complicated relationships that drive the lovers insane.
Celebrations Are Not Always In Groups of 10 - PG-13 (Friends Only)
It is Drew's birthday and he plans not to celebrate it. Ash, on the other hand, will do whatever he can to give him a bash. One-shot. Respectshipping. (Ash/Satoshi x Drew/Shuu)

Flaming Hole - PG-13
Drabble. Kiyoi Youngman x Ash Ketchum in an underground tunnel.

Pokémon Matoi Crusade - Various ratings depending on the chapter
Long journey fic involving a few canon Pokémon characters and various original characters designed by emeraldletters and muffin_shota .
A bored Pokémon Trainer named Setsuna Furutani calls up Ash Ketchum requesting to follow him to a region called Matoi to hunt for Ho-oh, a legendary Pokémon. The two then embark on strange situations and new challengers, unaware of the mysteries surrounding every corner.


Future Works:
He wants Ash so badly and others that step in the way should be eliminated. When Ash falls in love with another person, Paul has to take even worse measures when the person is difficult to rid of. Comashipping (Ash/Satoshi x Paul/Shinji)
Pokémon: Artificial Gems
A sequel to Pokémon Matoi Crusade. Ash and gang are given a mission to check out a strange phenomenon in the Tulpe region. At first they were indifferent to the task but then a shocking encounter leaves them baffled and giving a lot of effort to the mission.
Pokémon: Radiant Jewels
Sequel to Pokémon: Artificial Gems. More information to be announced.
15th-Nov-2009 04:04 pm - Matoi Crusade: Prologue
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After many twists and turns, I have achieved the prologue! I do hope I did nothing wrong yet but this is what I get for doing this all morning. From now on I am locking my door and placing a big sign with letters like “DO NOT DISTURB - ANGRY FANFICTION WRITER WORKING” with caution tape all around. That would destroy the appeal my door normally has but my works are more important!

Without further interruptions, let me post this up and then pass out on my bed for an hour or two.

Matoi Crusade: Prologue
Written by: Mikufwah (or ouiouimiku)
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or there would be gory battles and inappropriate activity unsuited for children under the age of eighteen. Nor would I spend time on the Internet if I made that kind of cash.

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23rd-Jan-2009 10:29 pm - THIS IS MY START
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Thank you emeraldletters
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